I love what I do! The focus in all these services I offer is to help you create an intentional life. Gone are the days of victim thinking. It is our time to live intentional and powerful lives. We can create freedom by healing our stuff, that stuff that keeps us small and inferior; those ways we limit ourselves. We can do this. We can heal, release and let go of it all!

Angel Therapy® is a beautiful way to access the support that has always been available to you. You have a wonderful team of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, and Guides who surround you and want to help you re-discover the Truth of Who You Are! Did you know these Loving Beings do not impose themselves on you?

Did you know that they can only act if you ask? It’s so simple to ask, but we forget to ask and then feel frustrated and alone when life goes all shades of sideways. Your Spiritual Team loves you immeasurably. They will be delighted to be actively involved in your life, guiding you to your True Self, guiding you in co-creating an IntentionaLife. ASK.

Are you ready to live an IntentionaLife?

Angel Therapy® Sessions

30 minute session $85
60 minute session $150
90 minute session $225