I began my love for interiors in the mid 1980s. I began with image and color consulting for both the person and the interior. This love is all encompassing. I love creating spaces that sing in harmony, reflecting the people who live and work here. I received my AA in Interior Design in 1998, giving me the skills and joy of learning all about the nuts and bolts of working as an interior designer.

I’ve worked for others, but mostly I’ve worked for myself. I have created a unique way of doing interior design projects. I focus my design intentions on creating sanctuary within the interior architecture as well as in the art of placement of furnishings, accessories and art. I use Life | Space Mirror to help you discover what sanctuary might look for you. What we learn about you through this deep interview process I incorporate into the design concept, creating a luscious interior using all the layers and elements of design to create a place of sanctuary truly unique to you.

I’ve recently added a new component to this…Interior Design Coaching. This is for those who love to be hands on in creating that feeling of sanctuary. I coach you through the design process, guiding you with my expertise. The fun part is that you are doing most of the work. We play with fabrics, color, furnishings, art and accessories. I guide you in pulling together all the materials and colors that create that feeling of sanctuary.

Are you ready to live fully in your home?

Call or email and let’s begin the process. Let’s see where this takes you!

IntentionaLife Interior Design and Coaching Sessions

Intentional Interior Design Based on scope of project rate
Interior Design Coaching Based on $100/hour