This service is for those who choose to focus this work on their life only. Are you feeling stuck and don’t know how to help yourself? You know there is passion lurking within, but how do you discover what it is? Does it feel that it is time, your time, to create the life of your dreams? Life Visioning will help you discover these answers. This deep interview process takes you to your heart where you answers happen to live and await your discovery!

For those who would like to spend more time and focus, this can be facilitated as a coaching endeavor. This is set up as a 3, 6, or 9 month package. Usually we talk every 2 weeks or so. The coaching sessions are presented within a package deal.

Are you headed where you want to go?

IntentionaLife Visioning and Coaching Sessions

Visioning Session 1 session: $200
Coaching Session 3 or 6 month/2 sessions per month $180 per session